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June 18, 2012
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An illusion of pleasure..
An Illusion of pain...
Yield to the beauty and soon you will waltz with the dead


Thank you so much to all those who gave me advices and suggestion, they were really appreciated, I hope I have done a good job, though still a lot of things of this drawings do not satisfy me...but well, I hope I improved at least. :)

If you want to know about the story behind this, please, read below

After Hannah's death Unda fell again into madness, he was saved from a sure death and brought back near Nefei (his birth place).
There he spent much time, trying to come out from his situations, with the help of some survivors of the great rebellion and followers of the previous king.
During this time he made a long travel inside his mind, trying to understand who he really was in relation to the other, to what he has been always taught, what he discovered and many many things.

In one of his visions, one of the most important ones, he sees himself wandering naked surrounded by the dead ones he used to love most.
He is surrounded by Vandak, the brother he killed and Levryn, the friend who got killed by Hannah.
Outside the "composition" Hannah is trying to make him follow her and lose himself into darkness. She's sign of his desire to be with her and not to care anymore for the rest of the world, while the other "voices" are his reactions to this.

Here below is their dialogues, their whispering voices.
What he hears from Levryn is what his friend actually used to tell him when he was still alive. The words he hears from Vandak are real at the beginning (he already heard those words from his brother) while they becomes more and more faint.
Hannah's words are the result of his imaginations and his deepest desire, that is, to hear her words.

Vandak: rules are made to be broken, Unda. We are free to make our choices, to take our own paths. No god can stop us.

Levryn: Gods are weird my friend. Either you believe there is only one or you believe there are thousands, in both cases, what we are asked for doesnít change. What we are given is what we see, what we perceive.

Unda: a god, indeed, there must be a god then.

Vandak: what god, Unda? Have you ever seen him with your eyes? Has he ever answered to your prayers? What have you given for somthing whose existence is unsure? Youíve given yourself, your freedom. Youíve given me. You preferred the unknown to the one who loved you.

Unda: but you, you betrayed me. I had to do it, I had to do itÖ

Hannah: come Unda. I need to show you something, but only you can see it, come to me. I need to tell you something, something Iíve never told you before, but only you can hear it.

Unda: what, what have you got to say? Hannah, have you ever loved me for real, Hannah?

Levryn: in life something is given to us, something else is taken away from us. We must confront things that often seem dark and mysterious, but we go on. We ignore our livesí aim, we ignore the reason why we are here, why we are like this, but a whole world has been offered to us. We must grab it, only us can do it.

Hannah: Unda, come to me, I need to tell you something.

Unda: tell me please, tell me now.

Hannah: I canít, the others are looking at us, we must be alone.

Vandak: remember Unda, noone can love you better than me. Noone will ever love you as much as I did.

Hannah: youíre abandoning me, youíre abandoning me again. Am I right? Youíre leaving me alone, as you already did. As you'll always do.

Unda: no, no, Iíve never wanted to do it, I..I was afraid.

Levryn: weíre always afraid, itís part of our nature, but inside us we have the power to defeat everything. Itís everything inside us.

Hannah: you abandoned me Unda. What were you afraid of? Iím only a woman.

Unda: A woman, I know. Nothing more, nothing less.

Vandak: Unda, they fear you, everyone fears you. Youíre powerful, and you have the ability to choose. Youíre not forced to submit yourself to anyone. Listen to me. Noone has ever been so sincere as I was.

Hannah: I have to tell you something, but I canít, I canít, you must come away with me. If you donít, you will lose me, lose me again. Come now, itís becoming late. I need to tell.

Levryn: the important thing is not to look backward to your past. Never listen to the voices of the dead. They could corrupt us, block us forever.

Hannah: come, Unda, come to me.

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Black-Rhapsody Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was prepared to make an elaborate comment about this drawing...
But reviewing it over and over again, reading the text of the description over and over again...
What the hell!
I bow to you :worship:. "Chapů!" as we say in Spanish (This means, Hats off to someone to praise)
Intense, raw and hard... Showing a Unda helpless as a child, faced with the voices that are consuming him in his madness...
I love it, just plain! :heart:
HeilyAens Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
you're flattering me!! :hug:
I'm glad you like it, your opinion means a lot to me!
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